Aftermath of the fire

Thank you all for your many messages of concern regarding the fire at our La Farge headquarters on May 14. It was a very sad day as we watched our headquarters burn. While our material losses are painful, we are so very grateful that no one was harmed. We are incredibly thankful to the community members, volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel for their heroic efforts and on-going support.

Recovery at headquarters

Recovery at headquarters

Fortunately, our distribution center and other facilities are fully operational. Our contingency plans are in progress, and we continue to ship and take orders on schedule. We anticipate an expedient recovery in La Farge.

Our dedication to cooperation and quality, organic food is stronger than ever. And as we face this challenge together, we are taking cooperation to a whole new level.

Colleagues, customers, friends and family from all over the country have been sending us heartfelt messages. We are so humbled by the many lives we touch and how many people feel connected to us and want to help—thank you!

George Siemon, Organic Valley's C-E-I-E-I-O

George Siemon and the Management Team at the La Farge Community Center

Please click here to watch personal message from George Siemon, Organic Valley’s C-E-I-E-I-O.

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