Diego here for FrogTV. If there’s one fact to remember about atrazine, it’s this: Atrazine is banned in the country where its parent company is based. That’s right, banned. The country is Switzerland, which along with many other countries, including the entire European Union (EU), has outlawed this agricultural pesticide.

Triball has seen a lot of weird stuff with his third eye, but this revelation is among the most bizarre. In the United States, an estimated 75 million pounds of atrazine are applied annually, despite the fact that a growing body of research identifies atrazine as dangerous to human health.

What’s a mutant frog to do? Triball wants to help all planetary citizens, so he took to the recording studio to document the lingua franca of global devastation.

Parlez vous, “Toxic chemicals?” Sprechen sie, “Hideous mutations?” Oh, wait … no translation necessary in America. English will work just fine.

Additional Resources:

For a report on atrazine in the United States, download the free document, Still Poisoning the Well, from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

See also, “The Syngenta Corporation & Atrazine: The Cost to the Land, People & Democracy,” from the Land Stewardship Project and Pesticide Antion Network North America.

What to do, oh what to do? Sure, the problems can seem so big that it feels like there’s nothing we can do. But if a little three-eyed frog can stand up to make a difference, then so can you. Go here to find some simple things you can do to spread the word.