Fuel_Balance_bikeEver been in a time crunch when hunger hits?  Maybe you’re running late – dashing to and from work, school, the gym… when suddenly, you crave refreshment and refueling. But you didn’t have time to plan, prep, and pack a nourishing snack.

Or maybe you’re an athlete on the move…short on time, but long on desire to maximize your workouts.  Fixing pre- and post-work-out meals to build, fuel and replenish muscle glycogen doesn’t always fit into your hectic schedule.

What to do? Many consumers turn to meal replacement and sports beverages to  meet their needs.  However, we often face a dizzying number of options, with long ingredient lists. It’s hard to figure out which product is best for our bodies, taste buds, and planet.

Enter two new powerhouse milk protein shakes: Organic Fuel (designed for serious athletes) and Organic Balance (for a light meal on the go). Here’s why these shakes get my dietitian’s vote of approval:

1. Taste. Creamy and clean with simple, organic ingredients – nothing artificial.

2. Safe and easy. No refrigeration necessary, which means we can toss one in a backpack, briefcase or gym bag without worrying about spoilage, or packing a bulky ice-pack or thermos. Plus, USDA’s “organic” seal assures us we don’t have to worry about GMOs, antibiotics, hormones or toxic chemicals.

3. Nutrition. Real milk protein shakes provide protein for muscle synthesis, and carbohydrates – the preferred fuel for  muscles and brains. Both beverages are also naturally rich in calcium, and fortified with vitamin-D — a critical nutrient  for bone strength.

4. Gluten- and lactose-free. No worries about gas or bloating if you have an intolerance to either ingredient.

5. Responsible ingredients and containers. Organic and fairly-traded ingredients are packaged in easily recyclable  #2 HDPE bottles.

It doesn’t look like Americans will be slowing down anytime soon. The good news is we won’t have to sacrifice nutrition for time, as we juggle, multi-task, and strive to perform our best. Want it all? Shake it up!