Sweetness, while in the midst of our grief so many people have been sending their prayers, care and wishes for a speedy recovery. We appreciate every heartfelt expression of care and concern – they gladden our hearts and provide energy for our ongoing work.

Last week I was asked to come to the LaFarge Elementary School for a presentation to Organic Valley from the 4th Grade Class. No one could tell me the components of the presentation – or what was on the mind of these young people. When I arrived I learned that there were several parents and relatives of the 4th graders who were also employees of Organic Valley. We were seated in a row of chairs – and the presentation began.

20130529_0002Commencing with 5 young ladies, Sophia, Vanessa, Sierra, Kayla and Natalie who read of the work of the Fourth Graders. These young entrepreneurs used their skills to create origami decorations and other similar items which they sold to parents, teachers and class mates, raising money for gifts for Organic Valley. In addition to the gifts below,  $32.00 was given to us.

Next Bryce Franks read a plack to Organic Valley  and  Joseph Roethel and Will Sedwick presented us with the 2 trees and 2 perennials.20130529_0004

Then the children surrounded the adults with a flurry of hand drawn cards, wishing us well and thanking us for being in LaFarge.


It touched our hearts to see how these young people used their resources to think of others and so wanted to do what ever they could to ease our pain. It is with gratitude that we accept their gifts – and honor their efforts with a tree planting planned for Wednesday June 5, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Blessings upon the children who think of others instead of themselves.