Dangerous pesticides in the urine of children? It’s enough to make anyone squirm. Fortunately, a change in diet to organic food can provide dramatic and immediate relief. Watch the “Potty Dance” to see what these kids are squirming over.

23 elementary-aged children in suburban Seattle participated in a 15 day study which was divided into three parts. First the children ate their usual diet of conventionally-grown food for three days. Then they were switched to organically-grown substitutes for five days. For the final seven days, they switched back to conventional food. Researchers tested their urine twice daily for signs of pesticides.

In the case of two organophosphate insecticides — malathion and chlorpyrifos — the results were startling. Signs of these two chemicals were found in the urine in the first part of the study. Almost immediately after the children switched to an organic diet, these chemicals were no longer detected! The chemicals showed up again when the children switched back to their normal diet.

The researchers concluded that “an organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposures to organophosphorus pesticides that are commonly used in agriculture.”

Now that’s something to dance about.

Know where your tadpoles swim.


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