My daughter took this photo looking down our cow pastures.

I love decorating outside around our farm for Christmas. I do the lights, flashing, not flashing, twinkling, colored, white, stars, wreaths, bulbs, candy canes, snowmen, you name it, I decorate it! I spend a lot of time setting everything up just perfectly and then plugging some of them in (I do use solar on some) and watching the “magic” happen.

I had spent my normal day setting up everything, I was just about to head in to the house to warm up before the big reveal when a car drove into our driveway. There were two people inside that I didn’t know, so I walked up to them to see if I could help them. We live near a recreational lake and people end up lost on our road all the time.

The lady inside said “Your farm is so beautiful sitting up here on this hill with the beautiful “decorations” for Christmas. I was just about to tell her my heroic efforts putting everything up, so I could bask in the glory of all my hard work, when she continued.

“Seeing those beautiful black and white cows out in the green snow-kissed hay field you have out behind is just exactly what I want for my Christmas cards this year, it couldn’t be any prettier.”

I humbly said thank you, it is quite pretty to see them all spread out grazing yet in December, and they are happy to be outside walking around.

She then said “Do you mind if I drive over as close as I can and take pictures of the cows? I don’t want to intrude.”

I said she sure could and in fact, I would walk her out behind myself and let her walk right up to them if she wanted.

So, all my flashing, sparkling, colored, star shining, candy cane, wreath decorations can’t outdo the natural simple beauty of our cows in a hay field……….

Next year for decorations, I think I’ll simply open the door to the barn and let them walk on out!

Merry Christmas to all, we are so thankful to be a part of the Organic Valley Cooperative!