On April 7th, the USDA proposed new organic animal welfare regulations. The long-awaited regulations would provide better living conditions, including more access to the outdoors, for animals raised for organic meat and poultry, and for organic egg production. The regulations stand to improve the lives of millions of animals and uphold the integrity of the USDA Certified Organic label.

However, the Senate Appropriations Committee may consider blocking USDA from putting the new organic animal welfare regulations into effect. Why? The proposed regulations will require that all animals, including poultry, have access to outdoors. Some large organic egg producers have been building large-scale barns without meaningful outdoor access. If the rule as proposed becomes final, some producers will face expensive changes to comply with the rule in order to remain organic. The Senators are acting on behalf of big egg companies—not on behalf of the consumers who know that the organic label’s integrity is at stake.

Don’t let the Senate block the USDA from creating strong organic animal welfare standards! The Senate is voting on this tomorrow, so call your Senator today: http://bit.ly/OrganicWelfare