Creamy good organic chocolate milk

Creamy good organic chocolate milk

When I was a little kid I did not like plain milk. However, rather than starting a food fight, my wise mother employed a more strategic method to make sure I consumed the calcium, protein, and vitamins I needed for optimal growth and development. She stirred in a little chocolate syrup.

Much like the beloved fictitious British Nanny, Mary Poppins, my mother knew that “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Today, we have scientific research proving the health benefits of organic dairy, regardless of flavor. And moms are smart to take a precautionary approach to protect their children from GMO ingredients, including high fructose corn syrup, plus antibiotic, pesticide and hormone residues in foods. However, organic chocolate milk made with organic and fairly traded sugar and cocoa has the added benefit of protecting children who live in regions of the world where these crops are grown and harvested.

Recently, some well-meaning school food service managers have removed chocolate milk from their menus to help reduce children’s sugar intake. But their good intentions appear to have back-fired.

A recent Cornell study found that banning chocolate milk from school meals resulted in a 10 percent drop in overall milk sales, and a 29 percent increase in wasted milk.

So here’s an idea: rather than banning chocolate milk, lets switch to organic chocolate milk, thereby giving children much needed nutrients, while supporting sustainable agriculture.

As summer sports season heats up, kids and adults have another reason to love chocolate milk – it’s a superior post-exercise sports drink.  Compared to fruit-flavored drinks, the sweetened milk provides an extra boost of carbohydrate plus protein which helps muscles repair after intense exercise.  And the naturally occurring electrolytes — potassium and sodium – help replace those lost in sweat.

This Mother’s Day, I’ll raise a glass of organic chocolate milk to my mom!