Know this about Triball: He never asked to be a member of an indicator species. But he is. In this crazy world we live in, a world soaked with toxins that muddy our genes and spawn strange new beings, his story becomes ours.

In dark times a little humor goes a long way, but talk about a sick sense of humor. First you laugh. Then the science makes you gag.

Crazy stuff is happening in our world, and while extra body parts on amphibians may be odd and unnatural, it’s not entirely mysterious. Just follow the money, which today means following the chemicals. It’s the stuff we spray on fields and crops, which ends up on our food and in our water. Follow along as Triball’s story unfolds, and learn what you can do about it.

Start seeing the world as Triball sees it, with a new eye for action and change. And remember, friends don’t let frogs mutate.