As we kick off another year of the Grass Up campaign, we’re thrilled with all that has happened since the campaign launched over a year ago, such as new science supporting the nutritional benefits of organic foods and the U.N. declaring 2014 the International Year of Family Farming, and we continue to have plenty of exciting news and information to share, connecting the dots between farming, nutrition, and the environment.

In addition to Grass Up, we have a number of other inspiring projects dedicated to furthering our mission of preserving organic family farming and creating a better food system for all. To make sure our friends and fans don’t miss out on any of the excitement, we’ve decided to root our mission-focused communications under the umbrella of Rootstock.

In addition to our current Rootstock blog, this year you’ll also see a Rootstock Facebook page, and coming soon, a Rootstock e-newsletter! We look forward to having a place to call home for sharing more in-depth information about the food and farming issues that are at the heart of our mission. If you’re eager to dive in, check out what’s happening right now on with Power of WeFrogTV and Earth Dinner! And enjoy the resources at the new Grass Up web page at

BlogLarge4And about social media…

We’re changing the name of the Grass Up Facebook page to “Rootstock: Growing the Organic Life” and @GrassUpForGood Twitter to “@RootstockBlog,” so don’t be surprised when you start seeing posts from “Rootstock” show up in your news feeds – it’s still us! 

Questions? Feel free to tweet to us, post on our wall, or direct message us on Facebook or Twitter.


The Grass Up and Rootstock team