Grass Up!

At last, scientists have confirmed what Organic Valley farmers have always known—when cows eat well, you do, too! Learn about the groundbreaking new study conducted by Washington State University that shows the many ways Organic Valley Pasture-Raised whole milk is nutritionally excellent, compared to natural/conventional milk.

We think you’ll agree: the earth, animals, and people all win when we GRASS UP! for good health.

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A study by Washington State University confirms Organic Valley Pasture-Raised Whole Milk has more of the heart-healthy fatty acids your body needs to stay balanced.
When compared to conventional whole milk, researchers at Washington State University found Organic Valley Pasture-Raised whole milk has:

  • 62% higher omega-3,
  • a more healthful balance of essential fatty acids,
  • and 18% higher Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)!

Download our handout to learn more about these findings and the benefits these nutrients can have for your health. Visit Washington State University’s website to get answers to frequently asked questions or take a deeper dive into the study itself—available for free download from PLOS ONE.

The Washington State University Study

Farmers, Scientists & Dietitians Agree!

This breakthrough study that analyzed the fatty-acid profiles of organic and conventional whole milk is the largest study of its kind ever conducted in the United States. What researchers discovered offers new insights into the benefits of organic whole milk and the role it can play in a healthy, balanced diet. Hear what research scientist Dr. Charles Benbrook, registered dietitian and “Food Sleuth” Melinda Hemmelgarn, and Organic Valley farmer Altfrid Krusenbaum have to say about these exciting new findings!

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