Euphoria, confidence, peace – these are just a few of the words athletes use to describe their overall sense of well-being following a strenuous workout fueled by quality nutrition. As an athlete and dietitian, I can assure you that eating strategically is key to peak performance, and the resulting rewards.

Glycogen, or the glucose stored in muscles, is our primary fuel during exercise. In the critical “recovery” period following our workouts, serious athletes need carbohydrates to replace muscle glycogen, and high quality protein to enhance muscle synthesis and repair. 

Ideally, it’s best to re-fuel immediately after exercising, but timing can be tricky for athletes with busy schedules that don’t allow time for preparing post-workout meals.

mlk_11oz_prot_fuel_2SKUsThe solution? “Organic FUEL” High Protein Milk Shakes. Here’s why:

* Powerful nutrition. Packed with 27 grams of unrefined carbohydrates, and 26 grams of organic milk proteinOrganic FUEL wins first place in delivering the ideal mix of nutrients athletes need to succeed. Real milk also scores high marks for replacing minerals (electrolytes) lost in sweat, and providing  bone-strengthening calcium.

* Certified organic. USDA’s organic seal assures us that we’re putting “clean” ingredients in our bodies – no GMOs, no hormones, no antibiotics, and no toxic pesticides. The shakes are sweetened with organic cane sugar, too – no artificial sweeteners.

* Gluten and lactose- free. No worries about gas or bloating.

* Vitamin D fortified. The sunshine vitamin is an essential nutrient that’s hard to get in the winter, or if we exercise indoors.

The author's son uses FUEL for optimal running recovery.

The author’s son uses FUEL for optimal running recovery.

* No refrigeration required. We can toss a bottle in our briefcases and back-packs, and tote our body-loving FUEL anywhere without worrying about spoilage. As a mom, I’m glad to know there’s finally a delicious, wholesome, travel-friendly organic sports beverage for athletic kids who struggle to juggle school sports and eating well.

Athletes: FUEL your engines!