Autumn has arrived early in New England.  The transition to long pants has begun and windows are closed each night.  Thankfully, I am still finding blooming flowers in the garden albeit the tail end for some varieties.  Anise Hyssop is a hardy, self-seeding perennial.  It’s a favorite of the bumble bees and last year, it was the busiest plant in my patch.  Anise Hyssop is a sweet, floral version of licorice so its tamer than the spice we are used to.  Of course, it has its own set of medicinal properties, aiding in colds, coughs and digestive woes.

Here is my ode to the fleeting summer, slipping away too fast.  Adding a shot of vodka to this beverage can help warm up those cool nights.

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop Lemonade

1 c Anise Hyssop Herbal Infusion, room temperature

½ c Water

1 tbsp Honey

Juice of 2 lemons


Mix all ingredient and serve over ice, if desired.

One serving.


Herb Infusion:

½ c Anise Hyssop Flowers and Leaves

1 c Water


Boil water and pour over plant material.  Let stand for 20 minutes or cover and steep overnight.  Use within two days.