Sunrise Green Smoothie

Like many people, my New Year’s resolutions centered around eating healthier in the new year. As I analyzed my eating habits I realized I was relying on too many prepared items like granola bars rather than taking the time to make a quick meal or snack. Once I started eating a good breakfast it was much easier for me to stick with healthy meals for the rest of the day.

Smoothie in BlenderThis Sunrise Green Smoothie has been a staple breakfast for me since the beginning of January and I look forward to it each morning. This smoothie isn’t diluted with ice, instead, a cold orange, frozen banana, and yogurt keep it cool and refreshing. Enough juice is released from the orange to make the smoothie the perfect consistency and you get the extra fiber and nutrients from the orange that you wouldn’t get from juice. Most importantly, the combination of fruit, Grassmilk Yogurt, and spinach has enough staying power to keep me full all morning so I’m not watching the clock waiting to eat lunch.

I put my smoothie in an Organic Valley cup so I can enjoy it on my drive to work and the straw is nice for drinking the thick smoothie. If you aren’t using a straw you may need to add some additional liquid, such as orange juice or Organic Valley milk, to get the right consistency.



  1. Scoop the yogurt into a blender, followed by the orange, banana, and spinach. Pulse the blender until the ingredients start to combine, then blend on high speed for several minutes until the mixture is completely smooth. Add additional liquid (water, Organic Valley milk, or orange juice) if needed to get the desired consistency. Serve immediately and enjoy!