creamtop_ptchr_glassSitting down after a long day of traveling, my friend asked me if I wanted anything to drink. Politely, I declined. “Really! I’m fine,” my Midwestern manners assured her. “I know what you want,” she proclaimed, smiling. A few minutes later she returned from the kitchen with a tall cold  glass of milk. She knew me too well. I couldn’t say no.

Looking back on moments like these, I realize my love for milk may seem silly to others. But at Organic Valley I’ve actually found people who may love milk more than me. My fellow milk lovers, only you will understand:

1. You hate the phrase “Don’t cry over spilt milk.” Given a time machine, you’d likely go back in time and stop the first person from ever using the phrase.

2. There are always 2 gallons of milk in your fridge. Whether the decision between skim and 1% is too difficult or you live in constant fear of running out of milk, there are two gallons of milk in your fridge. After inspecting the half-gallon of milk, you realize that visiting your friends means curbing your milk intake. Maybe your friends don’t understand, but your family has learned to accept you. Driving home to visit your parents, your mother calls to remind you to bring an extra gallon of milk because you’ll likely drink all of theirs.

3. Your recipe calls for milk and there’s one cup left in the fridge. You make something else and save the last glass for drinking. You’ve laid out all the fixings, noodles, cheese, butter. Time for your secret ingredient, the glue that holds the meal together – milk. That’s when you open the fridge and realize there’s only enough left to finish making mac and cheese, with none for drinking WITH the mac and cheese. There’s nothing to think about. You put the ingredients back, make yourself a PB&J, and pour the last of the milk into a glass for yourself.

4. You’ve contemplated owning your own cow. Every time you drink a glass of milk you thank the cow (and farmer) who gave it to you. The thought of giving up eating beef for the promise of more milk has crossed your mind more than once. You adore their big heads and the way they eat grass, all because it brings you milk. Passing a farm you begin to imagine the places you’d keep your cow and all that glorious milk.

5. You also love cheese. Is it coincidence all of your favorite foods include milk? No. A snapshot of your favorite foods looks a lot like the dairy section of the food pyramid.

Have you experienced one or more of these? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Milk lovers, unite.