There is nothing better than getting together with friends and sharing food, laughter, life and love.  I am blessed with a group of friends that make me laugh, share the joys, triumphs, disappointments and sadness that make up life.  We try and take a break from our busy lives once a month, take a breather, catch up and support each other.  Recently my husband cooked an amazing meal for us while we relaxed and chatted.  The menu:

Steamed brown rice

Dal – eastern lentel soup

Roasted root vegetables from our garden (thank you rootcellar)

Fresh spinach salad from our garden (thank you cold frames)

Carrot Salad (carrots too from the garden)

Decadent chocolate pudding made with organic valley 1/2 n 1/2, mixed with frozen berries from our garden and topped with organic valley whipping cream.

Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves.  Then thanked the chef for putting together this amazing meal.  We laughed, we supported, we sustained each other again, so that we can continue to do what we do each day.