Our local farmers market is a beautiful reminder of how fortunate we are to live in a place that is lush with agricultural goodness. The endless variety of fruits and vegetables never ceases to inspire colorful creations and recipes of all kinds.

Making my rounds at the market in early summer, I felt a wave of inspiration while standing over a table filled with garlic scapes, radishes, and turnips. How great would it be to create an entire multi-course meal with ingredients found exclusively at the farmers market? While it turns out that was slightly ambitious, the idea unquestionably lead to an unforgettable dinner party and a newfound appreciation for our local farmers.

Knowing I could never pull off a multi-course meal by myself, I reached out to the lovely and talented Emma Grinde for assistance. The date of the dinner was set Tablefor late July and soon the guest list, décor, and menu were all planned out.

On the morning of the dinner party, Emma and I made our way to the Viroqua Farmers Market for ingredients. While we were there, we were also fortunate to meet some very awesome farmers!

Menu and Table
Our backyard served as the perfect venue for the dinner, complete with a great view of the sun setting over a herd of cows on the hillside.

For Starters
We started our meal with artisan bread served with compound butter. Next, we served a fresh green salad with a basil buttermilk dressing. The greens were lovingly grown by the wonderful farmers of Ella Bella Farm in Westby, WI. In addition, Emma made an amazing cherry tomato galette with tomatoes from Deep Rooted in Westby, WI. Following the galette, we enjoyed a rich carrot soup served with roasted garbanzo beans.

The Main Course
For the main course, we served a very flavorful brined turkey that was grilled. It turns out it doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving turkey when you grill it!

For dessert, we served a gluten-free almond berry crisp made with gooseberries. It was delicious! We also attempted to make homemade ice cream with our guests… it kinda sort of resembled ice cream. Nonetheless, we had a good time making it!

Emma and I are happy we had the opportunity to host such a great party before the end of summer. The best part of it was knowing that our dinner was made possible due to the dedication of our extraordinary local farmers!