These olive and cream cheese penguins are the perfect easy treat to add to your New Year’s party spread. With few ingredients and easy assembly, you can’t go wrong. They’re also so cute, they could be mistaken for a decoration rather than a treat! Watch our stop motion video and read the full instructions below!

Olive and Cream Cheese Penguins

  • Slice circles out of the carrots, and chop out a triangle in-between the “feet”.
  • Cut out a narrow section of the large olive, and trim bottom of the olive so it stands up straight.
  • Fill with cream cheese
  • Trim the extra piece of carrot into a beak shape.
  • Carve out a slot in the small olive for a beak and attach the beak.
  • Attach head of penguin to body with toothpick making sure to also skewer the carrot base so it all stays together.
  • Enjoy!