If you envision ‘patriotism on a plate’[1] what does it look like?  For Moms Across America it consists of a heaping of truth (in labeling), a helping of justice (for future generations), and a hefty handful of liberty for all (to know what is in their food)!  In an effort to make this vision a reality, Moms Across America and thousands of supporters will March to Label GMOs this Independence Day.

Moms Across America, a coalition of unstoppable American moms, cares about the health of the American family and wants to inform communities about GMOs. On July 4th individuals at more than 160 parades nationwide, acting as parade leaders, will be equipped with informational flyers, buttons, and stickers to help raise awareness about GMOs and educate individuals on how to be GMO-free! So whether you’re in Charleston, SC or Douglas, AK bring a poster, a friend, or even just some good cheer and join countless others at a participating parade near you!

For more information about Moms Across America and their thoughts on GMOs check out the behind the scenes footage below from a recent CNN interview with Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America.

Organic Valley has always been opposed to the use of GMOs and is happy to support Moms Across America in their efforts to bring awareness to this issue. 

March On,

Callie Herron


[1] Phrase originally the title of an Austin Ted Talk by Robyn O’brien, Executive Director of the AllergyKids Foundation.