Activism, I mean. What’s it worth to us? A lot of what we enjoy now is the result of activism not just money: civil rights, women’s right to vote, workers’ rights, democracy… Pretty much no huge social change was ever achieved without lots and lots of activists out there pulling back the curtain on bad ideas.

Last month many activists contacted us angry that we did not revoke our membership in the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) who is joining the lawsuit against the Vermont GMO label. Whether I agreed or not, I really found myself appreciating the activism. Reading about the amount spent to defeat Oregon’s Yes on 92, I choked when I read that the $30 million spend is a new record for Oregon, the tobacco industry well behind at $12 million. It got me wondering – can we put a dollar value on Activism? With approximately 2 million registered voters, that is $15 per voter spend!

The Yes on 92 supporters have spent approximately $7.8 million or $3.90 per voter and the race is neck and neck! That means OUR ACTIVISM has a real dollar value. Each person we have convinced to vote yes on 92 is worth $11.10. Talk about ROI.

With a race neck and neck, today is a good day to reach out to everyone you know in Oregon and Colorado to vote YES on Labeling bills.  Our return on investment is powerful.  You personally can add over $100 to the campaign by reaching out to 10 people. And don’t be fooled that it will increase the cost of food. How ironic as we subsidize GMOs to the tune of millions of dollars a year in GMO corn and soy subsidies. For a chilling look at our biotech future google Enlist Duo. Our fight is important. It’s about seeds; it’s about corporate bad behavior and bullying; its about poisons on food and super weeds; its about flawed research. It is NOT about feeding the world. Good time to get out there and donate that $100.