Four words farmers never like to hear but inevitably we’ve all heard them once or twice.  It’s either because someone didn’t close the gate, or we have one cow who can open gates, doors, or whatever else is in her way, unless we lock them tight!

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were here at the farm with their kids for supper.  We just sat down to eat when we heard a whistle and yell “The cows are out”.  My family jumped up and into action and we were back at the kitchen table within a few minutes.  My sister-in-law said “Wow, you guys are quite a team, you didn’t speak to each other, just jumped up and ran, that’s impressive.”

Halloween night we decided to take homemade pizza to our Uncle’s home about an hour away.  We always tend to stay too late, and while I was driving home, everyone but me slept.  As I approached the long hill up to our home, I noticed pairs of eyes, then black and white objects laying in both sides of the ditch.  I said “Ok, everyone wake up, “the cows are out”.  It was 1:00 a.m. and as I pulled up to our garage, everyone jumped out because the cows were in the house yard, across the road, down at the hutches, and in the ditches.  I started calling to the cows, and they all came up slowly as if to say “Where were you guys, we’ve been waiting out here for hours!” 

So forgive us if you visit and we all of a sudden jump up and run, obviously it’s because “The cows are out!