I’m painting our big red and white barn.  No big deal you would think, but it seems like every day I scrape and paint, something or someone is mad at me.  The first day of painting, I noticed a little bee carrying an oat trying to get up in between the wood of our barn.  Once I painted it, of course, he couldn’t put his stash in there any longer.  I watched the next day, and he was back at it, but was a little miffed at me.

The swallows have nests everywhere on our farm, and mostly near the underside of our barn roof.  Of course, it’s right where I’m painting.  I listen as the parents become more and more angry that I am near their little ones, but it’s really cute to see their fuzzy heads popping up and looking down at me.  I looked over the other day and 18 swallows were lined up on the cow yard fence waiting for me to finish so they could feed their young.  When I realized how many there were, I took a break so they could commence with lunch.

The dogs both have to lay at or under my feet the entire time.  They both have white paint splattered all over their bodies and they lay there giving me the “really?” look.  While scraping yesterday, I was doing my thing and all of a sudden a great big, wet, lick from one of our cows.  Right on the back of my head!  Thankfully I always wear a OV red scarf, she must have thought it looked tasty.

The Fed Ex guy pulled in, so I went to pick up the package, he said “You have a little something on your face”,

I said I knew, I had been painting the barn and tended to get splatters all over myself.  When I looked in the mirror, I had wiped a huge white swath across my entire face, never even knew it!  Bet he’s still laughing at me.  Never a dull moment around here!