Every farm wife will understand what I am about to write about – the Spring Dance.  It starts in late February, the farmer worrying about how much more snow we’ll get, will I ever get to the field, what additional seed should I have ordered, etc.  The men in my family get to the point of being fairly obnoxious from being penned in for months!  February through April are the months we just try to get through.  Then April comes, snow melts, rain starts, and new worries come – will it ever stop raining, will it dry out so we can plant our crops, if it stops raining, will it ever rain again, will it warm up?

Then, finally, the day comes (ours was last Saturday) when they can “go to the field”.  Around here on the Westaby Farm, we don’t start working or planting any fields on a Friday, not ever.  It was something our great-great-great grandfather started.  We can go out on Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. and put the machinery in the field, and that counts for Thursday, but you don’t start on Friday!

My sons get out the tractors and equipment, make sure everything is ready to go, and they’re off!  Saturday, we had three tractors going, one digging, one planting oats, the other planting cover crops over the oats.  Then when they finish that, they move to planting new hay seeding, same senario, three tractors, three “men” working.  My daughter and I make sure there is enough “grab and go” food because they are not stopping until they finish.  We bake, make sandwiches, take out water, etc., on the 4-wheeler because they can’t stop at the house as they drive by.

This is our Spring Dance, the dance to get everything planted, tractors going from field to field, 4 wheeler chasing to replenish the weary, watching and praying for rain!  It’s coming, I see it on the radar…….am I worrying now, and thus, the dance!