Someone once told me that I’d feel so alone once all my kids were grown and moved out. Thankfully, I still have two here, but I find if you look, you’re never really alone.

While mowing lawn this year, the mower was kicking up little white moths and other insects hiding in the grass.  I noticed the barn swallows were suddenly swooping and diving all around me.  There were a dozen or more swallows flying directly in front of the mower, chirping and swirling around to come back for more.

Lunch time!

On days when I am weeding my flowers, I find little kittens hiding and pouncing on my hands.  Their mothers laying nearby, glad to have someone else to entertain their babies for them.

When going for a walk, all three dogs lead the way, checking the grass for hidden dangers and returning to let me know they’ve taken care of everything.  If we walk down the road, the horses come to the fence as if to say “take us along”.  When we walk down through the cow pasture, all 81 Holstein Milk Cows quickly join us to see if they should be included in the fun.

So as I go on with 3 dogs, 2 horses, 81 milk cows, birds, cats, and sometimes kids, I know that I’m never really ever alone!