Daffodil Pastures. The Beatles should’ve written it.

Since I am currently bereft of my flower beds, this spring could’ve been a very sad one for me. Thankfully word got out about my flower obsession and I am receiving invitations to view the labor of others.

A few minutes outside of La Farge, a retired farmer has planted a small pasture in daffodils. I have never seen so many. I went to see them on two different occasions and picked some to bring home. They were beaten up pretty badly by a storm the day after my last visit.

Rootstock My buddies

Hanging out with my buddies

As you can see from the pictures, there were not only lots of daffodils, but there were many different kinds. My favorites are the white ones with the deep yellow-orange centers. They make me think of smiling faces and the sun coming up. Rootstock Spider Web Flowers Roostock More Deep Yellows Rootstock LotsRootstock The Big PictureRootstock Many Kinds  Rootstock Happy Faces