Because of working full time and being a Mom with 2 active boys ages 9 and 14, coming home from work isn’t always the best time for me to unwind after a long, hard day.  Supper, sports, homework, breakfast dishes in the sink, laundry and many other tasks are calling as soon as I get home.  I try to fit in lots of little things throughout the day to keep my stress level down.  At the end of the day it’s much easier to look back and find the good in the day despite any pitfalls along the way.

My wind down routine actually starts in the morning and continues throughout the day.   In fact, I love my morning ritual so much sometimes I can’t wait to go to sleep just so I can get up the next day.


Here’s my list:

  • Wake up early and make my coffee.
  • Have a small cup of coffee while I start some housework and get my things ready to go to work.
  • Run, Walk, Bike or do Yoga – for 30 – 45 minutes while the sun is just starting to come up. What an inspiring way to start the day and for me it is one of the most important things that I do.
  • When I return I get myself ready, get my kids up and drive to work with a clear mind ready to take on a new day.

“Each day, as the sun rises, remind yourself that you are yet again given another chance to improve on yesterday”


When I am at work I like to take some time in the middle of the day to get outside and walk.  Where I work, the surroundings are beautiful so I take advantage of looking out over the hills and just taking in a few deep breaths and soaking up some mid-day sunshine.  When I head back into work my head is clear and I can approach the rest of my day with a renewed spirit.


When the kids are getting ready for bed, I like to get out my journal and fill in some things from the day that I am grateful for.  I try to keep it positive so the writing experience will be peaceful and calming.  The house becomes quiet and I grab my book, put a little lavender oil on and read till I can’t keep my eyes open.  Time to go to sleep!

“She made it a practice to be grateful for at least 1 thing every single day”

One of my favorite parts about having a job outside of the home is coming home!  Not because I don’t like my job, but coming home and changing into comfy clothes knowing you put in a full day of work is satisfying.  Satisfying in the way it feels after a workout and the feeling of accomplishment you get from that.

I have a television in my kitchen and once my sandals are on all I want to do is turn on the news and dig into my at home “To Do” list which requires a much different frame of mind and can be very refreshing.

I am not saying that this works perfectly every day – I definitely have days where I didn’t sleep well, feel exhausted, my kids didn’t cooperate, and the work day was busy/stressful.  On these days if I can, I simplify supper plans, let some things go and take time to sit on the porch and read or walk my dog or work outside in the yard.  I have some playlists on my phone that I change often so I enjoy turning on some music.  On these days I try to stay out of the kitchen and not feel like I HAVE to do anything right away.  The dishes in the sink, dishwasher that needs to be unloaded and clothes that need to be folded will wait.