On a walk one evening, I was astonished to come across the largest eggs outside of a museum I have ever seen. There is a small swampy area on the southwest corner of La Farge. The small pond in the center of it is a favorite spot of mine to visit because I always find some company there.

Eggs up close Eggs as tablepiece

I see many types of songbirds, the occasional turtle, and now these two massive eggs. They were oddly situated. They were about five feet apart from each other, not in any sort of nest at all, and closer to the ditch than to the pond. Both were very cold, so I knew they had been sitting there a while. I walked around hunting for a nest or any large birds (or alligators,  or dinosaurs, or dragons) large enough to have laid the eggs.

No luck, so I brought them home to join the bird-themed Sunday brunch I was creating. It turns out they are the eggs of the common Canadian goose. Who knew they were so large?

Eggs at breakfast Eggs in basket