June is the month when everything truly comes alive and prepares for summer. Early in the morning you hear the Robin’s call before the light of day. We have a robin that sits on our tree in the yard and happily chirps away every morning until we get up and out for chores. Even those mornings when we feel he is too early, he’s out there.

The best and most memorable thing about June is the smell of fresh cut hay. I have the house open for the cool breezes, and after the hay is cut, it fills the house with that sweet earthy smell that is so hard to describe, but once you’ve smelled it, you never, ever, forget. It brings back memories of a grandfather’s farm, a family farm, or maybe a relative’s farm. The only smell that is better is the smell of dry hay ready to be baled.

I had to weedwack my horse fence last week. As I whipped along, I discovered a bird nest with three eggs in it. I looked around and the red-winged blackbirds were chirping at me. I left the nest, intertwined with the fence, in place for the little ones to hatch safely.

After weedwacking, I had to mow out behind and saw something moving in the grass. It was a baby barn swallow who had been flying around with it’s parents and was resting on the ground. I mowed around him several times, he seemed more and more distressed and kept getting caught in the long grassy hay that was yet to be baled. I stopped, walked over and caught him in my glove. He was pretty upset, his parents flew around me chirping and I carefully took him over to one of our large wrapped hay bales and set him on top. He flew on to my shoulder and sat there. I stood there waiting for his parents to attack, but they landed on the bale, watching me with their little baby on my shoulder. I didn’t mind, except it was going to rain and I needed to get done mowing! I waited a few minutes and he flew off, parents in tow all diving and swooping together.

It’s these moments in time that make all our farm work worth it. Being connected to nature on such a personal level, makes my heart sing.