Happy Monday morning, everyone. After this weekend of November-in-May (and a fabulous visit with my mom yesterday!) things just keep getting better and better.

One of the best things about my work for OV, is that I get to drive through some of the most beautiful countryside in America twice every day. Well, today was a commute for the ages.

A few miles after turning onto the “main” highway I noticed a big white bird far out in the cornfield. A few glances later and I pulled off, swung the car around and headed home (at a very safe speed) for Colette’s camera.

I’ve been waiting many, many years to see a whooping crane in the wild. At one point in the early 1940s, there were exactly 23 of these birds in existence. Today, thanks to much conservation work–including the great work of our Wisconsin neighbors, the folks at The International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, there are more than 400. Still, in the grand scheme of bird-things, that’s not very many, so a sighting is extremely rare–in my case once every 50 years. Getting a photo (or 100) is extremely more rare.




Now, if we can just get the temperatures above 40 for a few days, maybe the morels will come back, too.