Power of We Intro

As a cooperative of organic family farmers on a mission, we’ve long known that none of us is as smart as all of us – or as strong as all of us. That’s why we join hands with so many of you across the U.S. who are working to support our local communities and create a better food system for all.

Beyond our mission to provide a sustainable living for family farmers, we give 5% of our profits to hundreds of grassroots organizations who are committed to bringing the good and helping it grow.

Here you’ll find the stories of the partners we’re working with to cultivate a healthier future for people and planet. Together, there’s no limit to the change we can create. We call it the Power of We.

Recent Power of We Posts

A view from above of a Conscious Alliance leader surrounded by children in the school garden.

The Conscious Alliance’s Ripple Effect

American citizens are increasingly educated—and concerned—about the dramatic and unprecedented class divisions in the United States. The Occupy movement, in particular, drew attention to the gap between the richest one percent of Americans and the rest of us. A tiny sliver of the population, a few families really, control some 22 percent of all the …

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Black sheep and white sheep graze a lush green pasture in front of a beautiful red barn.

Drumlin Farm: Fostering Healthy, Productive Biodiversity

Nature-versus-humankind. For centuries, many thinkers (including environmentalists) have applied this construct to try to understand our place in the natural world. Nature is something that thrives in the absence of human interference—in remote jungle rainforests or vast untouched wilderness preserves, while the human-built environment of our great cities show the work of our brains, hands, …

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Two African-American teenagers pull weeds and smile at the camera.

Regional Food Hubs: Connecting Dots for Small Businesses

What do you think about as you browse the grocery store for the raw and processed ingredients of your next meal? It’s likely you are focused on flavor and nutrition, for starters. But for a growing number of consumers, the journey their food takes to reach the table is just as important. And that journey …

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In a pasture, a crowd of students gathers around a leader who shows them a diagram.

Orleans County Natural Resources Conservation District

Droughts. Floods. Hurricanes. Tornados. Mass extinctions. A glance at current headlines explains the urgency that so many of us feel about the devastating effects of ecological degradation, habitat loss, climate change, and other grave environmental problems. It’s easy to feel that we are the first to face such devastating impacts, the first to care in …

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Cultiva Youth Project participant planting seeds at the urban farm.

Cultiva Youth Project: Cultivating Future Leaders

We tend to think of leadership as an inherent trait. Some are “born leaders,” the thinking goes, while the rest of us are content to follow. But the fact is that good leadership involves much more than traits like charisma and charm. Listening and communication, collaboration and delegation—these are skills that can be taught. And …

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