Our cooperative was built on a mission to save family farming by ensuring a fair and stable pay price for our farmers, so we totally get it when someone’s determined to make sure people get paid for their hard work.

Our friends at Civil Eats have been sharing thought-provoking news and commentary on our food system as a labor of love for the past four and a half years.  With a passion for making change, they’ve provided a space for contributors to share insights on some of the most important food and agriculture issues we face in the US, including topics such as food justice, GMOs, agroecology, school food, and the future of farming.  In addition to hosting interviews with some of our personal heroes and sheroes, such as Joan Gussow, Michael Pollan, Raj Patel, and Anna Lappé, Civil Eats has shared countless stories highlighting the heroic efforts of lesser-known individuals and organizations in the good food movement. The folks they write about and the ones that write are some of the people who are working every day to create a healthy, sustainable and just food system for all of us.

And now co-founders Naomi Starkman and Paula Crossfield are eager to make Civil Eats more sustainable by shifting from an all-volunteer effort to a professional operation, including fair pay for their hard-working contributors and editors. You can help make it happen!  Check out the opportunities to support Civil Eats on their Kickstarter campaign by this Friday, October 18th – an act Michael Pollan is calling “one of the most important things you can do” to support the good food movement.

We’re headed over now to pledge our support. Join us!