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Follow hosts Theresa Marquez and Anne O'Connor as they expose the realities of our broken food system and explore solutions put forward by our country's brightest changemakers.

There is a need for honest—yet personable—education amid the rampant apathy, ignorance, and worse, denial about the true state of food and farming in our country today. As we face a food system that is increasingly dangerous to human and environmental health, we need to amplify the hard truth with compassionate and honest voices, balancing the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.


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Recent Rootstock Radio Posts

Rootstock Radio: Animal Welfare in Organic Agriculture

Download Dr. Meggan Hain is an animal care specialist for CROPP Cooperative. Born to a farming family in South Africa, Meggan received her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State University. Meggan is passionate about working with farms to improve management practices, prevent disease and improve farm productivity. …

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Free range pastured chickens on the Trussoni farm.

Rootstock Radio: Not All Organic Eggs Are Created Equal

Download Under current USDA organic regulations, not all organic eggs are created equal. Large-scale poultry producers are able to cut corners in ways that don’t align with one of the core principles of organic: that “animals are able to exhibit their natural behaviors,” says Melissa Hughes, general counsel for Organic Valley, and who has spent …

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Rootstock Radio: Connecting Nutrition and Food with Dr. Joan Dye Gussow

Download Dr. Joan Dye Gussow, professor emeritus of nutrition and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, author, food policy expert, environmentalist AND gardener, has been called the “matriarch of the eat-locally-think-globally food movement” by the New York Times. Joan has served on the Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Panel of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), …

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Rootstock Radio: Conscious Alliance: Fighting Hunger, Empowering Youth

Download Justin Levy is the executive director of Conscious Alliance, a nonprofit organization that supports communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment. Justin began working with Conscious Alliance in 2004, and quickly broadened the organization’s scope by not only addressing hunger, but also engaging young people through service-learning. You may have noticed “Art …

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Holstein cow grazing pasture grass.

Rootstock Radio: Healthy Cows, Healthy Milk, Healthy People

Download A native of the Dominican Republic, Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines graduated from UNPHU University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. Two years later, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to continue her research in ruminant nutrition. On top of these titles, she holds a masters degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and …

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Jerome McGeorge has a craggy face and long white hair and beard and in this photo he talks with his hands during his interview.

Rootstock Radio: Organic Beginnings and the Future of Agriculture

Download Jerome McGeorge has been a part of Organic Valley’s journey from the very beginning — he even wrote, by hand, the fledgling cooperative’s very first annual report in 1988. Today Jerome is a cherished friend and keeper of wisdom and wide perspective. In 1988, after a crisis of conscience had propelled him to leave …

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Rootstock Radio: Pioneering Organic with George Siemon, Organic Valley CEO

Download Rootstock Radio is starting off 2018 with a very special guest: George Siemon, Organic Valley’s CEO. George, who was born into a family of businessmen and swore he’d never be one, has been playfully dubbed “The Reluctant CEO,” but his passion for agriculture and cooperation serves CROPP Cooperative (maker of the Organic Valley brand) …

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Rootstock Radio: Food Allergies & Why Organic is Not a Fad

Download We’re hard at work on some great new episodes for 2018, so today on Rootstock Radio, we’re bringing you a very popular episode that originally aired in March 2017. Robyn O’Brien is an author, former food industry analyst, TEDx speaker and mother of four. She is also founder of the AllergyKids Foundation, an organization that aims …

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Rootstock Radio: What Farmers and Fishermen Have in Common

Download Margaret Krome is the public policy program director for Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI). Over many years, she has collaborated to create and sustain funding for a number of state initiatives supporting environmentally sound, profitable, and socially responsible agriculture. Margaret served the Wisconsin Rural Development Center for nine years prior to joining MFAI in …

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Marjorie Kelly stands at a podium and speaks while gesturing with her hands.

Rootstock Radio: Alternatives To Capitalism

Download Marjorie Kelly is the Senior Fellow and Executive Vice President of The Democracy Collaborative, a non-profit organization that works to shift our economic system toward shared ownership and control, rather than concentrated wealth built on greed. Marjorie co-founded—and served as vice-president of—Business Ethics magazine, and received a Nautilus Book Award for her 2012 book, …

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