This week on Rootstock Radio, host Theresa Marquez speaks to Cynthia Lair. Cynthia is the author of two cookbooks, “Feeding the Whole Family” and “Feeding the Young Athlete.” She is also the host of Cookus Interruptus and a professor and culinary program founder at Bastyr University.

In the cooking class which Cynthia teaches at Bastyr University, she doesn’t teach any type of cooking which caters to any certain restrictive diet. Instead, the class is more focused on being more conscious of where the food came from, where it was produced, and making your decision based on that. She describes the class as “embracing the whole world of cooking rather than focusing on what you believe is the way to eat.” In her classes, Cynthia is “trying to open up the mind rather than categorizing that ‘this is bad and this is good’.”

Cynthia believes in being present in your cooking and reaping the benefits of being conscious of the food that you prepare. She says if you’re more intentional and present with your cooking, it’s going to taste better and it’s going to be better for you. “When you’re eating food that comes from nature,” says Cynthia, “there’s this immediate relationship that can happen if you take the time to stay in the moment.”

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