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Anne O’Connor and Theresa Marquez.

Mission Executive Theresa Marquez has worked for Organic Valley for nearly 22 years. Among her time at Organic Valley, Theresa has had many ideas that continue to cause us to re-examine our connection with food. Projects like WomenShare, Grass Up, and FrogTV ask us to delve deeper into the social, political and environmental issues tied to our food.

In 2004, Theresa had another idea: Earth Day deserved a meal. “Every other holiday has a meal. Why not Earth Day?” says Theresa. Enter Earth Dinner an Earth Day food tradition that revolves around local, sustainable and organic food, paired with honest and meaningful discussion about the impact we have on the environment.

More than a decade after its inception, Theresa sits down with host Anne O’Connor to discuss Earth Dinner’s early beginnings and to celebrate the 12th year of Earth Dinner. Join Theresa and Anne as they talk about food traditions and Earth Day.

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