Whenever I read something from Starhawk or have the privilege to speak with her, I am inspired with new ideas and new approaches to old topics.

In my most recent Rootstock Radio conversation with Starhawk, two thoughts from our interview stand out:

First is how, when and why do we need to integrate “healing” into our lives? When I find myself in anger and frustration, this may be the time to think about forgiveness and compassion, the elements of healing. Frustration is hard, anger may be necessary, but in the end, staying too long in a negative state can be helped by a healing ritual. “Healing is not curing. It’s a process that  makes you more than what you are.” (unknown counselor)

My second insight from Starhawk is the movement “Reclaim the Commons.” Starhawk has led workshops, spoken often and written “The Empowerment Manual.” When we feel empowered we move from hopelessness to hope. This concept of reclaiming the commons is embedded in “ownership.” What space moves us from “me” to “we”? While our first thought is parks and wilderness, I am thinking food, health care, housing and education — not common for too many people. When we “reclaim the commons” we put humanity to work and make “we” a real value.

Thank you Starhawk! Listen to her most recent episode on Rootstock Radio, and check out our first conversation from 2016 here as well.