Paper Towel RecyclingSince I started working in the Sustainability Department at Organic Valley I’ve found myself paying more attention to how other businesses and public spaces share information about their sustainability initiatives, especially when it comes to waste management.

Last year we started collecting all the paper towels from the restrooms at Headquarters to add to our on-site compost pile. I was really excited when I flew into the Denver airport last weekend and saw that they’re doing the same thing! It’s great to see sustainability initiatives like composting paper towels becoming more mainstream.

When I was leaving the airport I saw their expansive solar array, apparently it’s the biggest solar farm at a commercial airport in the US. After they finish the solar array that is currently under construction, the airport’s total solar power output will be 10 megawatts. It still doesn’t make flying an environmentally friendly activity, but it was nice to fly in and out of an airport that’s making a big effort!