Day 2 – Sacramento to Clarksburg, CA

Day two of the Cycling for Sustainability tour kicked off with an additional Organic Valley farmer, making us a peloton of seven. The ride began with 2.5 miles through the state capital to the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative, where we quickly learned the challenges of riding through the downtown hustle and bustle. A warm Organic Prairie bacon dish and enthusiasm for our journey awaited us at the coop’s learning center. Here we learned the success of a small food coop, established in 1973, the coop generates sales 5 times that of a conventional grocery store. With 100 additional members a month, the coop is a cornerstone of the community, a success that has afforded the organization groundbreaking on a new and improved retail location.

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At the learning center we shared the 2014 Organic Valley Sustainability report and the impetus behind the Cycling for Sustainability tour. Then we heard from John at Canyon Keepers, a volunteer organization that serves as the safe keepers of the 45,000 acres Auburn Recreational State Park. To follow the presentations, and after stocking up on food good from the coop, we set out to find a bike shop for reinforcements. We stumbled upon Edible Pedal a bike shop dedicated to refurbishing unwanted bikes and delivery of local and organic food throughout the community.

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With one last weave through downtown we departed from Sacramento and enjoyed a 25 mile ride on South River Road along the Sacramento River and Clarksburg wine country.

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