Day 6: Berkeley to Point Reyes Station, CA

Day 6 of Cycling for Sustainability marks a significant point in the trip—the much anticipated and milestone that is Point Reyes, CA. Beginning with a ferry ride, we shoved off at Oakland where it was chilly and windy, and landed at the sunny San Francisco Ferry Building. Here we enjoyed a sample of the epicurean delights of San Francisco, followed by a short and challenging ride through the city to the Golden Gate Bridge. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes the day was an intense 45 miles, with a few major climbs that nearly replicated the intensity of day three. Loaded with adrenaline, the team powered through exhaustion and arrived at the end of the leg with a sense of accomplishment and finality.


The day was complete with a meal at the Station House Cafe, Fresh, Local and Sustainable since 1974, where we shared delicious and nutritious food as we reminisced the day’s accomplishments.

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