Shouldn’t Earth Day be every day? That’s the thought behind the environmental organization Earth Day New York. Their mission is to make Earth Day more than a one-day event or annual environmental wake-up call. By continuing to work year round, Earth Day NY connects people to important and ongoing environmental work, raises awareness and offers solutions.

The non-profit organization was formed in 1989 and for the past two decades has stimulated environmental education, action, and change. Earth Day NY continues to partner with schools, community organizations, businesses, and governments to inform people about pressing environmental issues and how their communities can make a difference. Through advocacy conferences, Organic Indoor Learning Gardens, publications and corporate volunteering Earth Day NY broadens the support for a sustainable Earth.

Their latest project, the Earth Day/Every Day Food Toolkit, comes at a time when one in seven households in the U.S. is food insecure. Communities who do have access often have a limited understanding of where their food comes from and how to obtain healthy and sustainable resources. The toolkit is a student-led initiative to map and support sustainable and healthy food in every community. The goal of the toolkit is to enable young people to become food experts and leaders in their own communities.

The Earth Day/Every Day Food Toolkit will be available as a digital and printable guide for students and teachers. Earth Day NY plans to pilot the toolkit in their partner schools which will receive an Earth Day Organic Indoor Learning Garden. The learning gardens include tools for students to grow food in the classroom, in any climate, any time of year.

In order to develop and pilot the project, Earth Day NY is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. To help fund the Earth Day/Every Day Food Toolkit visit their indiegogo campaign and donate.

Organic Valley is committed to building a just and sustainable food system and is proud to support the Earth Day NY in its efforts. Organic Valley will be matching up to $3,000 of the next $3,000 contributed to their indiegogo campaign.