Pt Reyes Station to Valley Ford, CA

Although our legs might have felt differently, day seven or the final day of Cycling for Sustainability crept up on all of us. Astonished by both our accomplishment and the speed at which the week raced by, we eagerly pursued the final leg of the trip, departing from Point Reyes Station. The well-needed 1” of rainfall from the previous night left the roads somewhat slick for cyclists, but we enthusiastically pedaled up the coastline adjacent to Tomalas Bay to Valley Ford, the home of Organic Valley farm, Ocean Breeze Dairy.  We fueled up at Bovine Bakery in Pt Reyes Station before departing on our closing 25 mile ride along Hwy 1, aka Shoreline Hwy, which captured our hearts as it carried us over rolling hills, through eucalyptus trees, past renowned Oyster Bars, and scenic bayside views. Plus, we were finally in ‘dairy country’, so for us all this final pastoral leg truly felt like it was carrying us home.


Arriving at the Jarrid & Jackie Bordessa’s farm, we headed up the long lane to their beautiful hilltop farm to be greeted first by farm dogs and curly-topped toddlers; it was an absolutely gorgeous morning in northern California. Lots of like-minded guests were present as we gathered for quick morning refreshments and pleasantries, quickly becoming acquainted before heading out on the farm tour.  Jarrid walked us out to his pasture, explaining their method of intensive rotational paddock-grazing and how it has proven to be a tremendous benefit for both their herd health and land health.


Once back to the barn, we were treated to an amazing lunch prepared by local caterers, Fork, using seasonal fresh salads, paired with local and Organic Valley cheeses, Organic Prairies meats and finished with fresh berries topped with the best whipping cream on the planet! As we ate, the Executive Director from California Climate & Ag Network, Renata Brillinger, talked to us about CalCANs policy work on climate and agricultural issues, reinforcing our fundamental message of the tour; “our water and our soils are our most precious resources, and we must work together to ensure a sustainable future for our planet”.