paul_hawken_250xThis fall, Organic Valley hosted a special educational event called Grass Up with our friends at the annual national Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. We were honored to be joined by environmentalist, entrepreneur and author Paul Hawken, and we’d like to share his talk with you here.

In it, he speaks about his new endeavor, Project Drawdown, including what “drawdown” means and why it’s so important to remain passionate about climate solutions amid an increasingly disinterested population.

Drawdown is “the point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline on a year-to-year basis,” says the Project Drawdown website. “Drawdown creates a realistic, optimistic and empowering view of our climate future. There are three paths to drawdown: reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere through efficiency and resource productivity; replace existing energy sources with low carbon renewable energy; and bio-sequester carbon dioxide through innovative farming, grazing and reforestation practices.”

We know what needs to be done about climate change. The challenge now is to reverse the apathy and figure out how to make these solutions happen on a large scale.

Watch Paul Hawken’s talk with the Grass Up audience here: