Bees at Organic Valley's headquarters building

Bees at Organic Valley’s headquarters building

It’s no secret that here at Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, we realize the importance of healthy soils, good clean water and diverse, vibrant ecosystems. Bees, of all kinds, are an essential part of a healthy ecosystem. Monoculture crops, pesticides and GMO’s have placed our pollinators and our food at risk.

A Modern Farmer article published on May 7th,  Can A Lawsuit Save America’s Bees?, outlines the battle beekeepers are currently in with the EPA over pesticides.  The outcome of this case will have a large economic and ecological impact. In the article, Steve Ellis, a beekeeper and plaintiff in the case, says, “ We have to defend our bees. It’s our livelihood. We don’t want to be the last generation doing this.”

The Organic Valley Bee Keeping Club agrees wholeheartedly – like you Steve, we hope this case will be a catalyst to a better place.

Honey Comb held up to the sun!

Honey Comb held up to the sun!