Trash clean-up is definitely one of the less glamorous aspects of sustainability, but it’s an important component of keeping our operations and events environmentally friendly. I’m consistently impressed by the number of CROPPies and community members who volunteer to help with managing waste at the events we hold.

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The Green Team in action!

The Green Team in action

In July, we had yet another awesome Kickapoo Country Fair. The weather was weirdly cool this year, I actually found myself wishing I had brought a sweatshirt in addition to the fleece and light jacket I was already wearing, but attendance was high, there was an abundance of delicious local, organic food and the music was great.

Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone to all the work we do at Organic Valley, and we carry the sustainability mission over to KCF as well. With over 45 volunteers from several local organizations helping, the ‘Green Team’ worked hard all day keeping the grounds free from trash and ensuring that we composted and recycled as much as possible.

CROPPies canoeing and looking for trash

In addition to minimizing waste at our events, we also get together a few times a year to do trash clean-ups in the surrounding area. Last weekend a great group of CROPPies and their family members gathered to do some community service and clean up trash in and around the Kickapoo River. This was the second time we’ve done a River Canoe & Clean-Up and we had such a great turnout that I’m sure this summer event will be a staple for many years to come. We had a beautiful day on the river, though it was chilly in the water! Still, many tough participants went all the way underwater to pick up garbage that was buried on the river bottom.

Many of us spend a good chunk of our summer weekends in or on the Kickapoo River and it felt great to help clean-up a local resource that we all enjoy. The organic burgers at the end were a nice benefit too!