We’re excited to present our Sustainability Scavenger Hunt booklet for families and classrooms!

Download the book for FREE and kick off your hunt for the many examples of sustainable practices that can be found in your home and your community! It’s a fantastic get-outdoors-with-a-purpose activity, a car ride distraction, or an indoor or outdoor classroom activity.

Cover of the sustainability scavenger hunt booklet. Click to download.

We created this Sustainability Scavenger Hunt as a way for kids and families to find examples of sustainable practices in their day-to-day lives – because sustainability isn’t just about solar panels and wind turbines! Children can seek out examples in their communities. Or they can be the example themselves by taking on new practices right at home or in their classrooms. They’ll learn to take positive actions that help protect the natural environment.

In this book, kids can take their parents or teachers on a hunt for…

organic gardening

pollinator habitats

using energy responsibly


wind power

solar panels

saving water


The Sustainability Scavenger Hunt is a simple indoor or outdoor activity for families or classrooms to learn and have a bunch of fun together.

Click here to download the FREE booklet!


Are you interested in digging deeper? Every week, we’ll post a new article that looks more closely at one of the topics explored in the scavenger hunt. Not only will you learn something, but you’ll be able to help make your child’s scavenger hunt even more fun by sharing some cool new facts with them!

Week 1: We look at the Joy of Gardening and sharing that joy with a new generation.

Week 2: Insects pollinate our food, but they also do so much more! Our future and quality of life truly is dependent on saving these little creatures. Learn more about what you can do for beneficial insects right at home!

Week 3: Build a DIY vertical composting garden!

Week 4: White-nose syndrome has killed 95% of Wisconsin bats…but there’s hope!

Week 5: To kick off our energy mini-series, we have tips for energy use at home using simple math and common sense.

Week 6: Air-drying laundry: Ditch the clothes dryer – bring out the sun!

Week 7: Rooftop Solar: A big decision with big benefits.

Week 8: Wind: Powering our Future

Want more? Get more tips for living sustainably here!