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October, 2016

Defining Sustainability in Deeds

It seems that virtually everyone, from nano-scale non-profits to massive multinationals, claims to be pursuing an agenda of “sustainability.” But while the term may be de rigueur, the practice is a little harder to pin down. And that’s left many scratching their heads: What, exactly, does sustainability mean? One Madison, Wisconsin-based organization has an answer …

October 26th, 2016  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We, Sustainability

Going Organic

Two years ago, I joined Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative as an intern. While I now proudly call myself a CROPPie, I must admit the first few months were a transition. Despite being born and raised in the dairy capitol of the world, I had little to no farming experience let alone organic farming experience. But learning …

May 27th, 2016  |  Posted by Chloe Stoker | Published in CROPP Culture, Featured Post  |  2 Comments

7 Earth Day Facts That Link Past, Present, and Future

April is a time for change–gardens are planted, spring cleaning is launched, and, in my neck of the woods, graduates prepare for commencement. With change in the air, Earth Day lands gracefully on April 22nd each year, a perfect time for each one of us to reflect on our earthly behavior. While you’re out planting …

April 21st, 2016  |  Posted by Carly Hall | Published in Featured Post, Sustainability  |  1 Comment

Empowering Youth at Urban Roots

Most youngsters instinctively grasp concepts like fairness and justice. Where adult ethics may rationalize or equivocate, children tend to see clear distinctions between right and wrong. Little wonder, then, that successful campaigns against injustices like sweatshop labor and animal abuse have been led by children. Today, our food systems are increasingly linked to a host …

March 2nd, 2016  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We

Vermont Farm to Plate Network

Complain all you want about the government, but it has historically stepped up to the plate, if slowly, to take action on the issues of the day. In most cases, two conditions precede such action: A cultural and political shift at the grassroots level, combined with undeniable problems that cry out for coordinated solutions. Looking …

December 29th, 2015  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We

Rockland Youth Film Festival

In many ways, the village of Spring Valley, New York, an hour north of Manhattan, is much like other bedroom communities in the region. It has a typical mix of suburban charm and big-city diversity—wealth and poverty, Black and White, Hassidic and Hispanic all share the densely populated streets of the village. The burg is …

October 26th, 2015  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We

Changing School Gardens for a Changing Climate

Editor’s Note: “Changing School Gardens for a Changing Climate” was written by executive co-director of Common Vision, Leo Buc. Recently, I visited a school garden in one of California’s 10,366 public schools. A young teacher brought her class out to prepare a bed for planting, and the kids were hard at work pulling overgrown weeds from …

August 28th, 2015  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We, Sustainability

REAP Food Group: Nourishing the Connections From Farm to Table

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was launched after World War II with a healthy goal: Supply the nation’s schoolchildren with the nutrition they need to succeed at school and in the world. But somewhere along the way, things went south. School lunches became loaded with unhealthy processed foods—and that, in turn, has had a …

March 30th, 2015  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Power of We  |  2 Comments

EarthDance Organic Farm School

When Al and Caroline Mueller took over their family farm in 1947, they didn’t set out to be “organic pioneers.” They simply tended their Missouri homestead with the tools—horse manure and hard work—that they had been raised on. When other farmers switched to chemical weed killers and fertilizers, the Muellers kept farming the natural way. …

November 17th, 2014  |  Posted by Power of We | Published in Featured Post, Organic Farming, Power of We, WomenShare

Starting a School Garden: Academics

In celebration of Farm to School month, we’d like to focus on an integral part of farm to school programs: school gardens. Follow our step-by-step guide from gaining school approval to integrating lesson plans. School gardens offer a multitude of educational opportunities and health benefits, including building food literacy, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in …

October 29th, 2014  |  Posted by Chloe Stoker | Published in Organic Gardening, Sustainable Living

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