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June, 2017

Animal Whisperers: Your Local (Bovine) Outdoor Enthusiasts

It’s easy to see why cows love pasture: lush grass, fresh air, plenty of space to amble around… Organic farmers have held pasture as a cornerstone of their farming practice since ‘organic’ labels started sneaking into early food co-ops. But even before the distinction between conventional and organic agriculture (when “farming” automatically meant organic farming …

June 22nd, 2017  |  Posted by Caroline Carlson | Published in Organic Farming, Outdoors, Sustainable Living

Rootstock Radio: The “Magic” of Grass-Based Agriculture with Sarah Flack

Download   Today on Rootstock Radio, host Theresa Marquez speaks to Sarah Flack. Sarah is an author and nationally recognized consultant on grazing and livestock. Her latest book, The Art and Science of Grazing, was published in 2016. Although she was born in Wisconsin, Sarah’s family lived in New Zealand when she was a young …

April 3rd, 2017  |  Posted by Rootstock Radio | Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Rootstock Radio, Sustainability

Rootstock Radio: The Science of Grass

Download Today on Rootstock Radio, we speak to Kevin Mahalko, organic farmer and Grazing Specialist at GrassWorks, a non-profit organization based in Wisconsin that promotes managed grass-based agriculture. Kevin previously served as president of the board at GrassWorks and continues to be active in the education of new Graziers. He and his dad, Ken, have …

October 25th, 2016  |  Posted by Rootstock Radio | Published in Featured Post, Rootstock Radio

5 Ways Grassmilk Yogurt Delivers Better Health & Fuller Flavor

Organic Valley recently announced the launch of Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt–yogurt made from Organic Valley Grassmilk! Organic Valley Grassmilk Yogurt brings better health and fuller flavor in five simple ways: First, Organic Valley Grassmilk is produced by cows that are 100% grass-fed, which means no supplemental feed, grain or soybeans in their diet, just lush, fresh pasture and …

March 18th, 2016  |  Posted by Mickella Geary | Published in Featured Post, Health & Wellness, In the Kitchen

Rootstock Radio: Cow Nutrition & Us with Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines

Download Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines, DVM is Organic Valley’s ruminant nutritionist. That simple title conceals quite the background for Dr. Silvia, who has a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition. As Organic Valley’s ruminant nutritionist, she travels around the country helping Organic Valley farmers improve the nutrients available in their pastures. …

March 15th, 2016  |  Posted by Rootstock Radio | Published in Featured Post, Rootstock Radio

2016 Resolutions: Sunrise Green Smoothie

Like many people, my New Year’s resolutions centered around eating healthier in the new year. As I analyzed my eating habits I realized I was relying on too many prepared items like granola bars rather than taking the time to make a quick meal or snack. Once I started eating a good breakfast it was much easier …

January 26th, 2016  |  Posted by Annie Christianson | Published in In the Kitchen, Recipes

Three geeky pasture findings

Old McDonald my eye. Smash it. Grind it up. Flush it down. Your old stereotype of farmer-as-provincial-hick, be gone! Same with your notion that cows on pasture is about as simple-minded as it gets. It’s really a complicated art, and successful pasture-raised dairy farming requires a master steward. Geek-hood, I have learned, is not limited …

June 9th, 2014  |  Posted by Andy Radtke | Published in Grass Up!, Organic Farming, Sustainability

Saving Dairyland One Apprentice At A Time

Wisconsin loses upwards of 400 dairies every year. If this decline continues, America’s Dairyland will soon have to find a new tagline. It often feels as though the odds are stacked against the Dairy state—aging farmers, high land prices, lack of well-rounded educational opportunities, and the list goes on. And then just when you may …

August 9th, 2013  |  Posted by Callie Herron | Published in Power of We

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