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November, 2016

Year of the Turkey, part 1

This is it. This is the year of the inaugural Smith family turkey. Smith is a common name, but it’s my new name. Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Kaylan Smith, I’m 28 years old, and I have the privilege to work at Organic Valley. My husband and I married three years ago, …

November 2nd, 2016  |  Posted by Kaylan Smith | Published in CROPP Culture, Family, In the Kitchen  |  1 Comment

Thai Style Beef, Lettuce and Sticky Rice

This is a recipe I originally created for venison, but works excellent with any ground meat especially grass fed beef, venison, and turkey. It is crucial to break up the beef very well so it cooks evenly and stays wrapped in the lettuce. If you are having a hard time finding curry paste or culantro …

July 23rd, 2015  |  Posted by Joshua Powell | Published in Featured Post, In the Kitchen, Recipes  |  1 Comment

Meat Matters: The Future Tastes Great

I really like efficiency. Why take 20 steps to accomplish something when you could do it in five? I practice this ethic in my kitchen, and not just when it comes to clean-up! I’m talking about what I eat—meat in particular. Here are some efficiency tips you can take to the bank and apply to …

April 30th, 2015  |  Posted by Rootstock Editor | Published in Featured Post, Health & Wellness, Organic Farming  |  2 Comments

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