Perfection.  What is your definition?  Is it a great meal with all of it’s color and flavor?  Is it a day filled with family and friends?  Or could it be achieving some long sought after goal or dream?  Any or all of these things would be a great example of perfection.  For me, there is something about a beautifully orchestrated and brilliantly performed song, that exemplifies perfection.

I spent my last week on a bus with fifty teenagers, touring San Fransisco.

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Perfection?  Doesn’t quite sound like it, does it?  Yet, my week with our high school symphony taught me about the beauty and perfection within music and found in diversity.  It’s not that our kids played perfectly or acted perfectly.  They are children, after all, but just like it takes the sounds of varied instruments coming together to make a symphony orchestra full and beautiful, it takes the many different personalities, views, and talents of people to make life full and beautiful.

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So why write about this on a farm blog?  Well, I also got to thinking about how nature has it’s own symphonic structure.  Just like with our small orchestra missing an oboe, trying to fill in with a similar instrument, just isn’t the same.  Nature’s symphony of seasons, foliage, bugs, and beasts cannot be mimicked by man without sacrifice.  Taking one of these out of the mix and trying to replace it with something similar can produce an end product that resembles what nature had intended, but at a cost – a cost to our environment, our health, in taste….our overall well-being.  The perfect balance that nature provides, along with farmers willing to be the conductor of it’s symphony, can produce the perfect melody to live our lives to.  I feel blessed that this is the song that I get to dance to everyday.

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